Gain Insight

Who is this program for?

This program is for people who:

  • Are starting to question their faith, themselves or their direction
  • Have a pretty good grasp on their life but have identified patterns that are impacting an area of their life and are unsure of how to change that behavior
  • ¬†Have a set goal but need help identifying the path to achieving the goal
  • ¬†Want to gain clarity on certain situations, themselves or themselves
  • Anyone else who just wants a little nudge in the right direction

What is included with this program?

1:1 Coaching with Tamara

1 free one hour consultation, where we'll assess your needs and create an action plan.

3 one hour sessions where we'll unpack your challenges and i'll guide you to explore your options and gain clarity.

Weekly worksheets to better process and learn from each session.

Access to me via email or whatsapp in between sessions.

For those serious about 1:1 coaching: