Dead End

Has this ever happened to you?

You have somewhere to be.
You think you know the way.
You turn down a street, only to find out it’s a dead end.
It turns out, you actually didn’t know your way.
You’re not going to make it on time.
You’re completely lost.

What about this?

You finally figure out where you’re at.
The dead end street you’re on runs into a hill, but on the other side of that hill is the place you’re supposed to be.
If you drive and take the long way around, you’re for sure going to be late.
Parking will probably be a nightmare, too.
So, you park here, on the dead end street.
You decide you’re going to make the small trek over the hill.
It’s fine, you think. No one will care if I park here for a few hours and i’ll for sure make it on time if I walk.

It was a longer walk than you thought. You saw a rattle snake, but luckily avoided it. You’re brand new shoes are dirty. Dang it, you’re still late.
Instead of risking another rattle snake encounter, you ask for a ride back to your car.
Once you get there, you see the yellow slip on your windshield.
It’s a ticket.
Dang it.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like life is a lot like that sometimes.

I will have big plans that I am determined to make happen. Then, road block. I figure out a way to maneuver around it – then, dead end. I find a way through the dead end, only for the end result to be anywhere from a let-down to disastrous.

Looking back, I will say I should have paid attention to the road block, I should have stopped at the dead end… why didn’t I?

I know why. It’s probably because I wanted it so badly that I was blind to what God was trying to do for me.

He repeatedly told me no. So, I took my trust away and decided to try to make it happen myself. I cared more about my way than his will.

Then, on the other end of it, I was negatively impacted in some way. For no other reason than my stubborn persistence and mistrust.

It took quite some time for me to realize that the red flags, the warning signs, the rejections, the road blocks, and the dead ends, were God’s ways of trying to protect me.

Even when I didn’t listen, and I was on the other side suffering, He never met me with an ” I told you so.” He met me with grace, love and encouragement.

It’s hard to trust in his will sometimes. Especially when it seems like you’ve been waiting a long time for something to happen that you might easily be able to make happen yourself. However, if I can promise you anything from my experience, His will is way better than anything I could have ever planned for myself.

Self Check:
Are you living life trusting in his will or trusting in yourself? If it’s yourself, how is it going for you?

4 thoughts on “Dead End”

  1. Sometimes those dead ends are times when God is protecting us from ourselves and/or others. Other times they’re temporary road blocks while something is under construction. You’re not alone sis, keep praying over everything and just be faithful wherever He has called you to be a witness to Him!

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