Tamara Sullins

Success and Spirituality Coach

Hey You!

We’ll get to the About Me in a moment… first, you must know that I am so glad you’re here! I intend for you to leave with more hope in your heart than you arrived with! If you’ve landed on this page, I could imagine that at least one of the following statements is true about your life, feelings, or mindset:

• You are trying everything you can keep your sh*t together but feel like you’re going to lose it at any minute.
• You have already lost it.
• You feel stagnant, helpless, frustrated, lonely and downright tired.
• You desire to live a meaningful life, doing things that you’re passionate about and that fulfill your purpose, yet you struggle to visualize what that looks like or where to even begin.

I mention these things because… I’ve been there! And guess what? There is hope! I believe that this is your calling and your time to get unstuck and on to living a life worthwhile.

I’m hear here to help the weary & the discouraged, the hopeless & the confused, the seekers & the wanderers and everyone in between discover their greatest passion and become Visionary Warriors ready to grab life by the chonies!



Before I Grabbed Life by the Chonies

2013… Trying to imagine what my life in 2013 would look like in a picture would be a fork in the road surrounded by complete and utter chaos. Five years ago, if you asked me what my life would look like today, I would not have an answer for you. I was so lost in my life that thinking about the future was unnerving. I was a young, single mom of two little girls living in a very small town, their dad and I separated a few years before because of our unhealthy and toxic relationship that had developed. The girls and I were surrounded by many sufferers of drug addiction; this included their own father and grandmother, my mom. As time went on, their addictions increased and so did our brokenness; the havoc they wreaked on their own lives brought us to a desolate place as they stepped over the boundaries I attempted to set between them, the girls, and me. It was complete and utter chaos.

At the time I was working a very low paying job and our small town offered little to nothing in terms of opportunity for career growth and I found myself in the deepest financial struggle of my life because of it. Somehow, my income just BARELY exceeded the poverty line which placed me into this bracket of “too much, but not enough”; the reality of this was that I made too much money to qualify for any type of assistance, but not enough money to make ends meet for my little family. An extra part time job at that time was out of the question without trusted friends or family available to watch my daughters; paying for childcare would have defeated the purpose of getting a second job in the first place. 2013 had hardly begun and my [already low] wages were being garnished by a medical collections agency. I did everything I could to scrape by but eventually… it just wasn’t enough; the eviction notice came. It was complete and utter chaos which left me abandoned at a fork in the road, encouraged to make a decision on which path to take

Becoming a Visionary Warrior

I decided to swallow my sense of pride and called my dad who lived over 1,000 miles away. I told him my world was crumbling beneath me and I needed help. I asked him if I could pack the girls up and move in with him across the country, we needed to get a fresh start from our small town and the toxic environment. Without hesitation, he welcomed us with open arms.

I wonder sometimes where life would have taken me had I chosen the other path. I wonder if I would have eventually found my way here today; to this person I am, to having an intimate relationship with Jesus, to the zest I have for life, and the goals and dreams I have for my daughters and myself.

The path I chose five years ago has lead me here, to you. I know, I know, that sounds super corny! As corny as it sounds, it is true. I was terrified of change, but I took a chance. Once my environment, the people I surrounded myself with, and my faith changed, my mindset completely shifted. When my mindset shifted, my entire life changed. I was headed in a new direction and soon, you will be too.

God has called me to use my spiritual gifts of exhortation, mercy, shepherding, and discernment to help guide and mend anyone he leads to me. There are so many cliché’s about pain and triumph. You’ve probably had someone tell you “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, at least a time or two. Have you ever thought about that though? I have. I would question whether I came out stronger or if I actually came out damaged and just developed healthy coping skills. The truth is, I did come out a little bit broken… and that is ok! I most definitely came out wiser, and that is the beauty behind it all. God took the really tough experiences I’ve endured throughout my life and has allowed me to use them to better the life of others. I’ve learned to embrace the difficult times as much as I embrace the great ones because it’s the cumulation of every moment that makes you who you are.

But, like… Will you even like me?

Fact of life: Not everyone meshes. As hard as it is to accept sometimes (because, come on, who likes rejection?) I realize I won’t be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s totally A-OK. Nobody wants to commit to a coach and decide three weeks in that they just don’t gel with this person and then feel like they are out their time, money and didn’t get any value from it; which is one of the reasons we start with a free consultation.

A few “interesting” facts to get to know me a little better:

  • I’d rather explore the mountains than lay out on the beach
  • If I was asked to choose only one place to eat for the rest of my life, it would be Chick-Fil-A
  • I always thought I was a dog person, until I owned a cat, now I’m a cat-dog person
  • I once tried to nurse a dying chick back to health by giving it water in a medicine dropper and instead, it inhaled the water and drowned – I was slightly traumatized
  • I love babies! Not enough to have any more of my own so I get my fix by volunteering in childcare at church
  • My guilty pleasure would be any TV drama that has to do with vampires and/or werewolves, which is very odd because I had an irrational fear of vampires as a child and even into my teen years

You can read my full testimony here.